Shooters: Mexi Burger Wrap

Mexi Burger Wrap
Famous for both their American and TexMex fare, it’s no wonder that Shooters newest hit would be a powerful fusion of these two styles. The Mexi Burger Wrap is 180 grams of flame-grilled beef, but in lieu of a bun they wrap that bad boy in a warm flour tortilla. Adding to the novelty of this new favorite are the substitutions that seem so brilliant after the fact. Instead of pickles they add a little spice with some jalapeños, and instead of sliced cheese they smother it with melted cheddar. Through in some guacamole and the result is just the wakeup that my hamburger-weary palate needed.

The lack of a bun really allows the flavor of the meat to take center stage, with just enough of a kick from the peppers to make you take notice. With all that cheese and guac, it’s a wonder that the Burger Wrap doesn’t become a huge mess, but the tortilla holds it all together until the very last bite. And without all that extra starch slowing you down, you could finish it before you get to the crunchy corn chips and Shooters’ excellent salsa served on the side. A welcome break from the norm, Shooters’ new Mexi Burger Wrap is just the kinda fusion cuisine anyone can enjoy.

Burger: 180 grams of flame-grilled beef wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. The Fixins: melted cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, guacamole, lettuce & jalapeno The Fries: corn chips with a side of their excellent salsa

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