Sharehouse 180 Osukannon and Meiekikita

If you are looking for an economical place to live in Nagoya without sacrificing the amenities that make a place a home, then check out Sharehouse 180. They have over 400 rooms for rent all over the city. Sharehouse 180 properties do not require a guarantor. What’s more it is easy to sign up – you can complete the process in less than 30 minutes!  This month we are showcasing their properties in Osu and Sako.

English Share 180 Osukannon 

Osu is an excellent place to live and work. There’s lots of shopping and markets selling international food items and the whole area has a great vibe. The Sharehouse property near Osukannon Station is right on a canal and the rooms are somewhat larger, some even have verandas. This is one of the more popular Sharehouse locations and while it is rare for one of the 12 rooms to come available a few are open from February if you are interested.

The Osu Sharehouse starts at ¥45,000 per month for rent which is a great bargain for the area.

English Share 180 Meiekikita

The English Share 180 Meiekikita is near Sako station which is convenient to Nagoya Station making it ideal for those who regularly use the train to go to and from work. It is perched high up in a building affording tenants a fantastic view of the city. As with all Sharehouse properties it is outfitted with all modern conveniences including a super-modern kitchen and washing machines. English Share 180 Meiekikita has a stylish interior, including a large and comfy communal room which looks out over the city. Rooms start at ¥46,000 per month for rent which is a bargain considering how convenient the place is to Nagoya Station.

At all Sharehouse properties basic furniture is included and there is no key money required. They won’t even ask you for a guarantor. All you do is pay the first month’s rent before you move in. There is no set rental period, they are quite flexible.

In addition to rent there is a communal fee of ¥4,000 and an all inclusive utility fee of ¥9,000 at all Sharehouse 180 properties. Included in the fee is a weekly cleaning service comes by to help tidy up the common areas. As with all sharehouse properties you get free high-speed wifi in every room!

They have sharehouses all around Nagoya, so if you have a particular are you are interested in then check out their buildings near these stations: Kanayama, Osukannon, Higashibetsuin, Kurokawa, Iwatsuka, Shonaidori, Motoyama, Ueda, Hirabari, Fujigaoka

Give them a call or check them out on the web!  

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