Sharehouse 180 – Check out these great rooms available for rent in Ueda and Hirabari!

If you are looking for an economical place to live in Nagoya without sacrificing the amenities that make a place a home, then check out Sharehouse 180. They have over 400 rooms for rent all over the city. Sharehouse 180 properties do not require key money or a guarantor. There is no commission fee. Furniture and lights included are included and each property has free wi-fi. What’s more it is easy to sign up – you can complete the process in less than 30 minutes!  This month we are showcasing their properties in Ueda and Hirabari.



This is a very upscale property with a very sophisticated interior located in a quiet residential area. At the Ueda house everyone has their own room. Additional amenities include an exercise room and a jacuzzi bath!

Rent is only ¥46,000 per month




The Hirabari location is one of the most affordable  in Nagoya. With a modern Scandanavian-style interior. The kitchen boats lots of cool extra equipment like an espresso machine, a non-fat fryer, a pasta machine, and a steam oven.

Rent is only ¥39,000 per month

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  1. i wanna ask if i can only rent for just a month? because i am only be staying here in hirabari f0r 3weeks. thanks

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