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If you are like me when I first moved to Nagoya, I felt a bit alone having arrived with no friends in town. In addition to a new job, a new language and a new culture – I also needed someone to hang out with. I was fortunate to luck out and find a spot in a “gaijin house” a fairly slipshod affair, but full of fun people who were really from all over the place. I often wondered what I would have done if I hadn’t been so fortunate and I still count my former flatmates as some of my best friends ever.

So when I heard about Share House Nagoya I thought about my own experience and imagined that there are probably loads of foreigners and Japanese alike who are not just looking for reasonable accommodation, but also for a community to join and a place to make some friends.

That’s exactly the idea behind Share House. When you rent a room at any one of the numerous properties around Nagoya you get more than just a place to live, you also get a community to share your experience in Japan with.  Each Share House has both foreigners and Japanese living together in places that are convenient to a station and each offering reasonable rent and minimal up-front costs.

The accommodations vary according to each location but every Share House is intentionally designed simply so the residents can customize it themselves. The focus is on community as well as lifestyle – not just scrimping and saving.

The process for renting is simple. First, make contact by submitting an inquiry via website or giving them a call. You can visit the share house and see the neighborhood as well as the rooms in the house. To make a reservation for one of the locations fill out an application form. You will need either a passport, driver’s license or photo ID. Once you make a contract all you have to do is pay one month’s rent and utilities plus one month’s rent which acts as a deposit, refunded when you leave (minus ¥20,000).

Prices vary depending on the location. Women-only floors and rooms featuring their own bath facilities are available.
Here is a quick FAQ about how it works:

What is a share house?

A share house is a house that is shared by multiple people, also known as a guest house in Japan. The kitchen, living room, and bathroom are used commonly by all residents, and the bedrooms are private. (You can opt for a single room or a shared room.)

What are the age groups of the tenants?

Many tenants are in their 20s and 30s.

What is the minimum lease period for rooms?

It is one month. However, a long-term tenant is given first priority to occupy the room if we have multiple applications.

What is the length of a tenancy?

It is between 6 months and a few years.

Do you have keys to all the rooms?

Yes. All our rooms have secure locks and you will have the key.

Do you have Internet? Is there a common computer?

There is wireless internet in the entire house. There is no common computer.

Do I have to prepare my own bedding?

Yes. We only provide a bed, mattress and mattress pad in each room. You have to prepare basic bedding set. (e.g. a flat sheet, blanket, duvet, duvet cover, pillow and pillow case.) You may also put a shikibuton (with a cover) on a mattress instead of a flat sheet. Please never sleep on a mattress without sheets.

Who cleans the house and takes out the trash? Is there a manager in each house?

Cleaning and taking out the trash is done by the residents, rotating turns. We do not have a manager for each house.

How much is the initial fee?

A one month’s rent deposit and the first month’s rent and utilities.

Do I need a guarantor?

No. However, please give us your emergency contact info (phone number and email address of a family member, school/workplace, or friend).

After moving in, can I register?

Yes. You can register at the nearest ward office.

Is it possible to cancel the contract after I have already applied?

Yes, but there is a cancellation fee.

14 to 8 days before occupancy: 50% of one month’s rent

7 days to the day of occupancy: 100% of one month’s rent

In addition, cancellation after signing the contract will be treated as “moved in.” Therefore, you must pay one month’s rent.

What do I need to do when moving out of my room?

SHN Inc. will conduct a move-out inspection of your room in your presence and you will be asked to return your room key (if you duplicated the key, you must also return any and all duplicates). SHN Inc. will refund any remaining balance of the security deposit after deducting ¥20,000, any unpaid rent and any other defaults of liabilities.

For more information and to check out a room contact:

Share House Nagoya
(052) 680-9180
Weekdays 9:00~20:00, Weekends & Nat Hols 10:00~17:00

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