SHARE HOUSE 180° Sakou


SHARE HOUSE 180° has recently opened Share Houses in the Kanayama and Osu Kannon areas and now they are set to open a brand new house in Sakou (near Nagoya Station)

The Sakou property has a great view of the city as it is high up in a modern apartment building. It also has a large and comfy common room with sofas and a flat screen TV. It is located convenient to Nagoya Station and Sakou Station, which is the nearest subway station.

If you’ve never heard of SHARE HOUSE 180° before, the concept is simple. One house with private rooms for each tenant. But you share facilities including super-modern kitchens, washing machines and lounge areas. All utilities, internet and cable are included in one monthly fee of ¥13,000 which you pay in addition to your rent – which varies depending of your room. Also included is a weekly cleaning service which comes by to help tidy up the common areas.

There’s no key money required. They won’t even ask you for a guarantor. All you do is pay the first month’s rent before you move in. And to celebrate the opening of the Sakou property they are offering
1 month Rent FREE!

There is no set rental period, they are quite flexible. Give them a call or check them out on the web!
(050) 5274-7043

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