Sexy in Pink (4/28)

Pink Sexy ShirtThere comes a time in every man’s life when he has to admit that the fairer sex might actually be on to something. That for all their unpredictability, contradiction, frustratingly evasive half sentences and mystery, the girls have a sense of taste and sensual appreciation that gives them access to a whole other world of enjoyment than we will ever get from our posturing debates about cars, machines and sporting prowess. Why do you think they get together for clandestine lunches and endless sessions of “girls’ talk”, where no man is ever allowed? Why do you think there are ten times as many shops catering to ladies than men in any given retail district, and a guy would be lucky to find as much as a sock that fits him at Maruei? Why do you think old Einstein decided it was easier to devote his time to understanding  the theory of relativity than to attempt to grasp the workings of the female mind? I’ll tell you why. It all comes down to one simple secret, a thing that’s evaded the keenest male minds for aeons. We may have invented the wheel, designed and built the greatest structures on the planet, and brought the world the genius of 80’s hair metal. But all the while we overlooked the big secret that keeps a girl happy with so much less fuss. The answer, my brothers, is this: girls love PINK.

Pink pajamas, pink teddy bears, pink Barbie outfits, pink aprons, pink panties, pink pillow cases, pink curtains, pink heels for inspiration.

Pink pencil cases, pink bags, pink seat covers, pink camisoles, pink toilet seat covers, pink sunglasses, pink earrings, pink hats, pink lipstick, pink jackets for identity.

Pink cars, pink lunch boxes, pink eye shadow, pink stuffed toys, pink wallpaper, pink bikes, pink jackets, pink chopsticks, pink limousines, pink jeans for satisfaction.

Pink KFC containers, pink canned soup, pink yoghurt, pink Chambord vodka, pink nail polish, pink remote controllers, pink hair brushes, pink hair driers, pink hair clips, pink mohicans, pink iPods, pink laptops, pink cameras, pink vacuum cleaners, pink poodles for keeping up with the Jones’s.

There is a pink for every perversion, and a shade for every mood. Pink brings chicks feelings of happiness, power, passion, confidence and reassurance.

Now, I’m by no means saying that an appreciation for pink is what gives women the ability to multiple orgasm. There is, as far as I know, absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever to suggest that to be the case. But let’s face it. They can. We can’t. The pursuit of pink seems as good a place as any to start embracing the ways of the more enlightened gender.

And so with less rationale and more perception, less logic and more intuition, less sweating and more perspiration, we bring you THE PINK SEXY. A celebration of all things pink, a veritable festival of feminine splendour, for the children of GAIA to bask in together. Amidst the joyous sounds of Nagoya’s most popular house and dance DJ’s, Nagoya’s famed music oasis, Club Mago will be smoke free and lady-friendly all night long. Go-go dance phenomenon Ladyl will grace the stage, and The Sexy’s staple pole dance showcase will be graced for the first time ever by the city’s most prominent male pole dancer. The Pink Sexy will be a night to remember, with an all-new t-shirt on sale in limited numbers. The slim-fitting new Sexy shirt from MB Prints features silky smooth elastane-weave cotton for summer, and comes in  men’s and women’s designs that add comfort and style to our standard concept of ridiculous conspicuousness.

Embrace pink, get into some pink, bite your pinky and enjoy the Pink Sexy!


New, limited edition shirts from MBprints. Slim fit, men’s and ladies’ cuts in soft, thin summer fabric. On sale for ¥2,000 only at The Pink Sexy. Get there early to get one!

The Pink Sexy
April 28th at Club Mago

Sign up to attend on the Pink Sexy Facebook Page
¥2,500 advance (1D)
¥3,000 door (1D)
Tickets and more info at:


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