September Swims

It’s September! So? Although clothes shops are expecting blizzards any day now, in the real world it is still hot until the end of the month; the Autumn Equinox isn’t until the 23rd! Here is our selection of fun spots to take a dip. 


Utsumi is actually pretty nice out of the offical season. Japanese people pretty much give up going after Obon even though jellyfish aren’t a huge problem until the end of the month. Some beach houses stay open until the end of the month-ish. Otherwise, there are conbini to buy supplies. Take the train!

Cost: free

10 min walk from Utsumi Station on the Meitetsu Chita New Line. Direct trains bound for Utsumi depart from Kanayama twice an hour.

Shinmaiko Marine Park

Another spot near the city, the Shinmaiko Marine Park is built on the same artifical island as the huge Chita Power Station which has an output of 3966 megawatts and keep the lights in the city on. There are also two wind turbines on the beach which output 1.7 megawatts …anyway, it is pretty fun to lounge around on the beach and grassy area. Enjoy!

Cost: free

 The marine park is a short walk over a bridge from Shinmaiko station on the Meitetsu Tokoname line. 

Rinku Beach

Rinku Beach, with a great view of planes coming and going from the airport, is a fun spot to take a dip, especially now that there is actually stuff to do in the surrounding area, like going to Costco and stuffing your face at the food court. 

Cost: free

Rinku Beach is a 10-15 minute walk from Tokoname or Rinku Tokoname stations on the Meitetsu Airport Line.

Nagashima Spaland

This big ass collection of pools, slides, and attractions (the technical term) is open until September 24th. It’s not that far from Nagoya either.

Jr High School Student and up: ¥3,700
Elementary Student: ¥2,700
Kids (2 and up): ¥1,500


Access: Buses bound for Nagashima Spaland depart from the Meitetsu Bus Center above Meitetsu Nagoya Station. There is a schedule at

Laguna Ten Bosch

Laguna Ten Bosch is a resort in Gamagori, with a large and awesome water park. On weekends throughout September the pool will be open after dark too, with a fireworks display starting at 8:30-ish. It will be open until September 25th.

Adults: ¥3,300
Jr High School Student: ¥3,000
Elementary Student: ¥1,650
Kids (3 and up): ¥1,150

Access: There is a free shuttle bus from Gamagori Station on the JR Tokaido Line. There is a schedule available on the website.  

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