Secrets to Starting and Running a Successful Language School

How long have you been in Japan?  Are you still teaching?  The hardest part about starting a new business is often deciding what to do.  Many people get stuck for years in that rut, and end up doing nothing. Why not do what you already have experience doing here in Japan, only cut out the middle man?  This month, the American Chamber of Commerce presents a panel discussion on the topic of “Secrets to Starting and Running a Successful Language School” on Saturday, October 15th at 6:30 pm in the WINC Aichi building.

Many people have experience in English teaching at various levels, however, few realize how successful and profitable a school can become if organized and run well. Not everyone has the skills to open an internet consulting business in Japan, but many people DO have the skills and experience needed to open their own English school, and the relatively small capital requirements for it make this a solid option for someone in Japan who is looking to start a business.

Whether you are looking to start your own school, get out of eikaiwa and into the world of private students and contracts, or are currently running an English school but would like to improve the way you run the business side of  things, we have what you are looking for.

Sean Gallagher, Director of Happy English Club
Sean is from Orange County, California. He has managed EFL schools for over 12 years, including positions with Britannica Japan, Kawai Juku, and Happy English Club Ltd. He is also the author or a textbook for EFL students called G100 Phonics. Sean has done many presentations on this subject for a variety of groups, including the JALT, the ACCJ and NIS.

Ben Pledger, owner of Amuse Bilingual Club
Ben started his school, ‘Amuse Bilingual Club’, a small, family owned, family operated and family focused English language education business in April 2011 as. He aims to create fun, customized learning programs designed to stimulate and support the learning of English language students of all ages in and around our city of Tsushima.

Jeff Genet, Owner of Power Communication
Jeff worked for Nova as a block trainer and Area Manager for his first four years in Nagoya.  After that he became the General Manager of Shooters for 2 and a half years, where he was offered the opportunity to buy the school that became Power Communications in September 2009.  PC provides tailor-made language and cultural training for individual, business and corporate needs through online training, and private, semi-private and small group lessons.

Yoshiko Matsushima, Owner of IPE Academy
Yoshiko has been teaching for 30 years and running a school for about 20.  She started teaching English at home to neighborhood children. After that, she moved on to teach JUKU, later she began to teach the Japanese language as well.  Recently, her focus has been art lessons. One of her strong suits is flexibility.  Every 5 years or so, she changes her focus based on what people are looking for at the time.  Her secret to success is to never focus on making money. If you provide a good service, money will come later.

Jonathan Baril, Maple Kids International
After working in Nagoya for 10 years as an English teacher, Jonathan decided to try and start a school of his own, and in 2008 established Maple Kids International. Maple Kids primarily teaches preschool students from 1.5 years and up, and has been successful in achieving sustained growth since its establishment.  The school is looking forward to expanding even further in the near future.

The Women in Business and Independent Business Committees cordially invite you to attend this informative panel discussion on Saturday, October 15th at 6:30 pm in the WINC Aichi building.  The event costs 2000 yen, which includes a bento meal and a drink.

Please note that this event requires pre-registration.

To reserve your spot, please contact Noriko Kato at 052-229-1525, or
Or fax to: ACCJ Chubu Office: 052-222-8272 by October 10th.

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