Sapporo Kani Honke

It’s hard to believe but here we are – about to head into bounenkai season. You may not have had a chance to experience this uniquely Japanese tradition, but soon enough you will be getting invites or be expected to organize an end of the year party for your school, company or group of friends.

Bounenkai literally means “forget the year party” and they are usually held at the beginning of December. These gatherings tend to revolve around lots of drinking with little concern for the quality of the food or atmosphere – which can lead to a long night of drinking lots and eating very little.

That is why when people ask me to recommend a good place to hold a bounenkai I always suggest Sapporo Kanihonke.

With four shops in Nagoya, Kanihonke serves awesome fresh and delicious crab cuisine. Even better the atmosphere is traditionally Japanese with just a bit of kitch decor to get you in the partying mood.
The first thing you notice upon entering is the enormous pools filled with some really, really big crabs. Kimono-clad waitresses show you to your private room where you can relax on tatami seating and enjoy a few drinks before the food starts coming.

The menu is pretty awesome and their specialty is the freshest, sweetest crab you will ever put in your mouth. I am particularly fond of their crab sushi rolls and the deep-fried crab shells stuffed with king crab meat. Yum.Far and away the best winter dish to have here is their crab nabe (hot pot),

This dish is prepared at your table with a large pot in which crab and vegetables are heated in a broth made with their special stock (dashi).

The best part of crab hot pot comes last when they add steamed rice to the remaining broth to create a delicious crab risotto.
For the bounenkai season Kanihonke offers two Kanisuki menus:

The Kanisuki Kaiseki “Nami no Mai” is ¥6,700 per person (including tax) and the Kanisuki Kaiseki “Yuki no Mai” which also includes crab sashimi is ¥7,650 per person (including tax)

Sapporo Kanihonke also offers a variety of course menus (16 courses including lunch and dinner courses) and an a la carte menu. They can also provide a special menu upon request.

Check their website for more details:

Mon-Fri 11:30~22:00
Sat, Sun & Nat Hols 11:00~22:00
3-8-28 Sakae, Naka-ku
(052) 263-1161

Nagoya Station
Mon-Fri 11:30~22:00
Sat, Sun & Nat Hols 11:00~22:00
1-17-20 Meiekiminami,
(052) 583-0012

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