Rockin’ Robin: Rockin’ Special

This thing is a behemoth. THICK bacon, two wagyu patties, two kinds of sauce… oh man! There’s a single slice of lettuce and tomato in there, vege lovers in a world of meat and sauce. Two sauces, actually: Rockin’ Robin’s special BBQ sauce and tartar sauce. I’m not a fan of tartar sauce on anything except for fish, but it works here.

The bun is perfect, sucking up all of the juices that come out of the burger without getting soggy and disintegrating. I enjoyed that the flavors were all recognizable, working together without overpowering one another. That’s some good burger.

If I could change one thing about this meal, I would make it come with a pillow for the inevitable food coma nap. It’s big.

An honorable mention to the fries. Like soggy McDonald’s fries on viagra, they’re crispy and ready to be inhaled. Seriously – they were the crispiest, yummiest shoestring fries I’ve ever tasted, and are topped off with Rockin Robin’s secret seasoning.

Rockin’ Robin is an old school diner (opened 1995!) that serves up big burgers. Check em out next time you are in Sakae.

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