Rockin’ Robin Osu

Osu! If you don’t know about Osu, it’s home to the Osu Kannon temple, THE annual cosplay parade, and a shopping arcade full of actually interesting shops that make it Nagoya’s best legitimate tourist attraction. One of the things that makes Osu famous is its food. Osu is best known for it’s takoyaki, cups of karaage (fried chicken) and other street food. What if you  in the mood for a good burger, not fried chicken or octopus balls? 

Don’t worry, there is a burger stand literally around the corner: Meet Rockin’ Robin!

A 30 second walk from Kamimaezu Station Exit #8 or the huge Maneki Neko (welcome cat) that welcomes shoppers to the Osu arcade, this tiny shop packs a big punch. Inside it is small, but bright, light, and airy. The mint-colored walls are awesome. The menu has a wied variety of burgers and other things. The manager, Saaya, is very friendly and a cool person. I really liked the vibe of the place. Anyway, onto the food: 

For big eaters:

I tried the Egg Bacon Cheeseburger. I wrote about it last month, but man I will never forget how substantial it was. Seriously, don’t eat this if you need to do something later in the day because you are going to want to take a nap. It’s really yummy and filling.

For something unique to Rockin’ Robin:

The Robin’s Burger! A smaller cheeseburger that packs a unique, delicious combination of flavors, owing somewhat to the yummy original combination of sauces and onion jam Rockin’ Robin puts on their burgers. I really enjoyed the mix of mozzarella and cheedar cheeses. I actually recommend this one if you are going to get a shake; most people won’t be able to handle one of the big burgers and a whole shake.

Honorable mention:

The fries are crispy and seasoned with a secret combination of salts, herbs, and spices. The only bad thing about them is that you will always want to eat more. Luckily Rockin’ Robin Osu has a secret weapon guaranteed to sate your cravings for more fries…


The drinks are insane! I LOVE the shakes here. So much cream, so much satisfaction. There is so much cream in them that they barely melt! The strawberry shake actually had real strawberry bits in it. Seriously, I had a real physiological reaction to each sip. My mouth kind of died and went to heaven. You must drink these shakes to believe them!

My kid opted for the lemonade. It had real lemon in it, and he really enjoyed it.

The secret weapon I mentioned earlier? A big carton of Rockin’ Robin’s dope fries topped off with a whole slider-size cheeseburger. This is the first time I’ve seen a hamburger shop try to compete with all the other tasty street food around Osu, and I think it’s a winner.

Next time you are in Osu be sure to pop in and try Rockin’ Robin’s mean shakes and burgers. 

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