Remembering Charles Barton

Charles Barton, Headmaster at Nagoya International School Has Passed Away

(The following is the announcement from the Nagoya International School via The ACCJ Chubu)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Charles Barton,
former ABCN & ACCJ Chubu member and former Headmaster at Nagoya
International School, who passed away on Monday in Ho Chi Minh City,
Vietnam, with his wife Marjon at his side. Charles arrived in Nagoya in
1991, and was the Headmaster from 1993 until 2007.

A graduate of Boston College and Harvard University, Charles had a long
career in international schools, including the American School of Tangier
(1975-1982), the Rabat American School (1982-1989), International School of
Kuala Lumpur (1989-1991), Nagoya International School (1991-2007), and
lastly, Saigon South International School (2007-2012).

His time at NIS and Nagoya was by far the longest, however. Over his 16-year
tenure, he oversaw the growth of NIS from a small school with improvement
needed in many areas to a school with a thriving, vibrant community of
international learners with a new mission and new facilities to guide our
way for many years to come. Many of you knew him as an avid golfer as well,
as the person behind the NIS Scholarship Golf Tournament, and of course, as
a dedicated supporter of the Walkathon which he saw as a way to involve the
international community in helping our local community.

A small, private ceremony was held in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) on Tuesday,
and a ceremony will be held at his school on Sunday, May 6.
Plans for a public ceremony at NIS to remember Charles here in Nagoya will
be announced when more details are known.

Photos of Charles and his time here in Nagoya can be found on our NIS

The impact Charles made on Nagoya and NIS will forever be appreciated, and
his spirit lives on in the hearts and dreams of students around the world.

Rob Risch, NIS Headmaster
Michel Weenick, NIS Board Chair

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