Reggae Breeze @ Utsumi Beach – August 20th, 2011

Jamaican star I-Octane is headlining this year’s Reggae Breeze festival near Utsumi. Backing him up are an array of J-Reggae singers and MCs. New(ish) face Akane is a highlight, while Ryo The Skywalker is a geniunely talented artist. The others range from OK (Nanjaman) to stuck-in-the-80s to annoying (including Nagoya’s own Ackee and Saltfish, unfortunately) and present a fine opportunity to take a break and go and enjoy some booze, of which there is a plenty on sale.

Tickets are not cheap, but it is a fun day out and definitely worthwhile if you are a fan of dancehall or would like to check out what the Japan scene is doing.

You can get tickets at Lawson. More about Utsumi here!


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