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Tom Fallon gets fit(ted) with a Brah

The late morning sun is high in the sky as cascading rays of stellar light break on Nagoya Castle’s glistening golden shachihoko. Standing with your fellow compatriots, you begin to realize something, something exceedingly important. You begin to realize that you, as a human being inhabiting this universe, are not separate from your environment, but quite contrary, you are in fact one with your surrounding.

Wait a second, here…  I thought this article was going to be about push-up, squat thrusts, getting ripped, and looking tough so all the cute girlies can ogle my chiseled pecks? What’s with all the one-with-your-environment/let’s-go-hug-a-tree business? We’ll your bros in the newest local weekly fitness phenomenon, Push-up Brahs are into that, too, but for these guys and girls the dedication to fitness goes to a much deeper and more spiritual place.

NAGMAG caught up with one of the founding members of this revolutionary fitness crew, Ian Roth, and here’s what he had to tell us about Push-up Brahs:

“We’re basically dedicated to bodyweight workouts such as old school calisthenics, bar exercises, yoga, etc. We’re dedicated to physical and mental fitness, usually accomplished through, but by no means limited to, old school calisthenics. We believe that the route to creating a better world runs through personal empowerment, and that this empowerment can result from reclaiming your body and health, from reconnecting to your natural environment, and from supporting and learning from others.”

Ian continues, “There are four founding members: myself, Matt Baker, Mike Serro, and Ben Regal, but it is a strictly anarchical group based around the free association of like-minded individuals. It is also an attempt to subversively impact and undermine the fitness industrial complex, and the idea that wellbeing should not be monetized. We recognize fitness as a question of public health, and, therefore, as something that it is in everyone’s best interest to socialize and popularize. Wellbeing should never be locked away behind a wall of fiscal barriers that prevent free and egalitarian access. Thus, we appropriate public spaces to provide free knowledge and support to any who are interested. Every new member is recognized as both a student and a teacher.”

So, yeah… How’s that for a concise manifesto? Mind, body, and spirit coming together to become that which we are meant to be: a holistic, healthy, and happy human being brimming with a heightened sense of social consciousness. This could quite possibly be the healthiest community experience to develop in Nagoya in recent years. Why run on a treadmill like a rat in a wheel when you could be outside with your fellow members of the community exercising, philosophizing, and making the most of your environment right here in Nagoya.

As Ian suggested before, perhaps it’s time to tear down the barriers between you and a healthy life style. Far to long have faceless conglomerates held you back from getting in shape with their sky-high entrance and maintenance fees. Free your mind, free your body, and free your spirit.

If you looking to take your spring workout session to the next level, then get in touch with Push-up Brahs. Currently, they meet every Saturday at 11:00 at the playground/exercise bars in Tsurumai Koen. Time to raise the bar and embrace enlightenment. And GET PUMPED!!!

For more information search “push-up brahs nagoya japan” on Facebook.

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