Prisca Molotsi: Performing Live at Nagoya Blue Note
February 17, 2020

Prisca Molotsi will be performing in the Blue Note on Monday February 17th. This is her third Birthday show at the Venue which is hard to get booked at. Her first show was in 2018, then 2019, and again this year. Last year the first show was totally sold out.

Prisca will be performing with top-notch Nagoya jazz musicians as well as with Gennoshin Yasui, in her opinion, the top percussionist in Japan. They are a tight group, very professional, and they really enjoy performing. she will be doing a variety of songs ranging from jazz, Latin, Blues and African.

The feedback has always been positive and the audience enjoys her shows – especially this year!

The Blue Note is selling tickets but if you would like good seats, please get in contact with her on Facebook, as she has tickets to sell.

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