Prana Shisha Lounge


Prana, which means “breath and vitality”, is the name of the new shisha (hookah) lounge which has recently opened up in the heart of Fushimi. Nagoya has relatively few shisha lounges and most are in Osu which makes Prana quite distinctive.

Not only is the location convenient to most major hotels in the area it is also a comfortable and very upscale place to relax with friends or by yourself. The focus here is on quality and atmosphere and the place delivers on all counts.

Prana prides itself on having some of the largest private and semi-private shisha rooms in Japan and the vibe is definitely chill with staff attentively attending customers without being obtrusive. It is the kind of place you would want to take that special someone or business associate that you want to impress our have a quiet conversation with.

The place is very well thought-out. It is stylish without being cold and just exotic enough to give off an authentic vibe, mixing a bit of Japan with the historical and cultural background of shisha. It is luxurious and discerning. The sofas are comfortable and relaxing. It’s just a great place to mellow out.

There are a lot of things to recommend about this place. Fist off they have a wide variety of tobaccos to choose from, fruits such as apple, banana, berry and apricot and spices and herbs such as cardamom and mint. There are also drinks such as cappuccino and cola.

In addition, you can make your own shisha with bottled water or mixing multiple bottles. They have about 100 flavors including Trifecta and Social Smoke American flavors and Middle East flavors.

To add to the experience they use the extremely cool hookahs from Shishabucks which make some of the highest quality hookahs in the world.

You can also enjoy coffee using beans roasted with bincho charcoal and original blended herbal teas.

Also be sure to check out the tasty treats from many famous sweets shops and Japanese confectionery shops selected by the manager of a former western confectionery. I recommend that you try the miso rice crackers with salted caramel!

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