Power Study: A New And Powerful Interactive Curriculum For English Study

This month we sat down with Jeff Genet from Power Communication to discuss his company’s new online English curriculum, Power Study. This interactive course is available online and can be used in a variety of situations.

Tell me about Power Communication. When did you start, who are you customers, what does your company do?

Power Communication started in 1997 and we’ve been growing ever since, evolving into several different areas. Power Communication consists of Power English (a community based eikaiwa), Power Study, an interactive, fun and challenging eLearning system, and Power Business, dynamic interactive education programs tailored to individual companies’ needs using an effective combination of live lessons and eLearning.

Tell me more about Power Study. What does it do, who can use it, why is it unique?

Built from the ground up by our team of experienced teachers and curriculum developers, Power Study is an interactive, multi-platform eLearning tool that addresses a wide variety of skill sets for English learners from beginner to advanced. At its base, Power Study is an online interactive textbook that provides students with immediate feedback on their answers. Various courses include communicative situations (travel, shopping, etc.), vocabulary building, business situations (presentation skills, etc.), TOEIC preparation and more. Students subscribe to access Power Study every month, and because new content is constantly being added, there is always something challenging to keep students interested and motivated.

Is this curriculum meant for beginner and Intermediate students?

Yes it is, and it is also meant for advanced students as well. We have hundreds of activities up and running now, and will be adding well over a hundred new ones each and every month.

Now you are releasing Power Study for use by teachers and schools. What types of situations is the curriculum suited to?

Our team has created hundreds and hundreds of lessons for all levels targeting any and every skill. Our online interactive test will tell students exactly what they need to do to advance to the next level by directing them to specific activities based on their test results.

Our detailed index has catalogued all activities according to grammar (all levels and grammar points), topic (i.e., travel, shopping, movies…) Vocabulary Builder, TOEIC (activities for all levels), Business (i.e., presentations, negotiation…), Teacher Tools (activities that can be downloaded to any mobile device to be used as teaching aids) as well as more being created that will be available starting September.

Teachers know what their students’ weaknesses are and often they don’t match whatever happens to pop up next in the student workbook. Using Power Study resources teachers can effectively match activities to weaknesses and as a result be more efficient with time in the classroom.

The system and activities go well beyond what traditional textbooks, workbooks and CDs offer. Our multi-platform system is entertaining, interactive and challenging. It is aimed at helping you reach and exceed your goals in the classroom. Tablets and technology are the future of education and Power Study empowers teachers to make that a reality now.

All of the activities can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a powerful supplement to any textbook or original curriculum. In addition to the activities, there are fun animated videos that teach grammar and situational learning, as well as give TOEIC Tips.

In addition to all of the above, we have also entered into a variety of beneficial collaborations to bring even more useful tools to our students and clients. Jon Hobbs, Ph.D., is a local practicing patent lawyer and has developed a challenging course entitled: International Negotiation Strategies. Everyone negotiates their way through life, from a simple purchase on eBay to buying a car or renting an apartment, this course is developed to teach practical skills of controlling the negotiation process and maximizing it to your advantage.

We have also partnered with the ever-popular ET people and will be making all ET activities available on Power Study for a very reasonable price. As many teachers and students are already using this fun magazine, we are sure that the new interactive and entertaining eLearning version will be a great resource for private study or for use as a part of lessons.

And we are really excited about a new course based on the Nameless Films series called ‘English Teachers.’ This entertaining and interactive course is a great resource for learning in context as students learn vocabulary, various grammar patterns and natural expressions through a variety of highly engaging exercises. In addition to all of the enjoyable activities for students there are resources for teachers as well.

Of course, we’d like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Hobbs, Kathy from ET and the whole Nameless crew for their support in our quest to provide both teachers and students alike, highly effective and unique products. To that end, we are always searching for new resources and people to collaborate with to add value to our already extensive coursework.

What’s Next?

Well, that would be the children’s course which we will be adding very soon. Children are natural learners on tech platforms and we are excited to expand into that area for the first time this fall.

Is Power Study available for use in my school?

All courses can be branded with school or company logos and literature. This means that when students log on they will see their teachers’ faces and school or university logos. In addition to all that’s been mentioned, there are other invaluable features that can be incorporated, such as discussion groups, chats, blogs, news posts and more. These powerful tools can create an environment similar to those on social media sites that everyone is already using. The advantage is that it is monitored and managed by our clients for their own secure learning center.

There are also gamification features with leaderboards, certificates upon completion of courses, badges and more. Your students are guaranteed to be continuously motivated with clear goals.

For our clients, there are effective reporting tools so that teachers, managers, and HR departments can log on to and assess students in real time, enabling them to adjust to their students or employees needs. Tracking can help them better understand their ROI on English skills training.

Is there a sample I can view on the web to see what it is all about?

Absolutely! Just check out www.powerstudy.jp. There are some activities right on the home screen to give everyone a quick tour of some activities and features and if you would like a more thorough tour of the different courses please mail us: info@powerbusiness.co.jp and we will send you a temporary trial username and password.

Who can access Power Study? How do I sign up to use it?

Anyone can test some of the activities and have a glance at our index. The best part is that we will continue to add new activities and videos every Thursday at 3:00.

Ready to give it a try? Phone us at 052-221-6761 or email us at info@powerbusiness.co.jp

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