Pool It in NAG!

August in the Nag is a time of heated debate about how to cool off. Those in the know have a special river or camping spot that you will probably never hear about. In fact some of the best kept secrets are the rivers of Nagano and Gifu. Those without adequate transport (basically you need a car), or patience (getting far enough away from Nag’s concrete requires about couple of hours), will be looking around for a decent outdoor pool.

The outdoor public pool in Nagoya is not a thing of great beauty. They are also rare, appearing just at the end of July only to close as soon as August is officially over. But if you want to get cool — and you want to enjoy the summer as best you can — then some of them do the trick rather nicely.

What to Expect

Kids. Expect lots of kids. And moms. Most of the moms will not be decked out for an SI photo shoot, however. So eye candy can be spotty. You will still want to bring reflective glasses even if it is only to redirect the retina annihilating radiation emanating from the creepy-fat-old-dude-in bikini suit-sausage fest. You have been warned.


Over the years many pools have gotten a bit more relaxed — to the point that throwing down your towel and sunbathing are now accepted at most (but not all) of them. Some even allow floaties and toys. Yet at a pool rules are rules. Expect to learn about them on the fly as the “lifeguards” — many of whom look a lot like plump salarimen fresh off the dole — will be quick to exert their newfound power. No-no’s can (but do not necessarily include) no drinks, (even water in pet bottles), no cameras (I have been told no cell phones as well), and of course no food. I could go on but you get the drift.


Interruptions abound, so if you are there to chill your brain and your body you may be disappointed. Strike that — you will be disappointed. Be prepared for the water to be evacuated hourly — I can only assume this is so they can check for dead bodies while everyone is lamely engaged in “exercises”. Every time they call for everyone to get out of the water I pray that they are going to break out the hazmat suits Caddyshack-style to retrieve a snickers bar some kid has left to slumber lazily on the bottom. Hey — I find my entertainment where I can get it.

We recommend:

The Meijo Park pool is number one on our list. Why?  Convenient to the station, cheap entry (like most public pools), verdant, and actually a lot of fun.

Outside Pools in Nagoya

All pools listed below open between 10:00-17:30, and are open until the last day of August.

Pools may be closed due to bad weather (don’t ask why)!


Atsuta Pool

2-5-2 Rokuno, Atsuta-ku

Tel: 052-614-7500  or 052-882-8091

Closed on Mondays


Kusunoki Pool

126 Wakazuru-cho, Kitaku

Tel: 052-614-7500  or 052-901-9949

Closed on Fridays

Meijo Pool

1-2-13 Meijo, Kita-ku

Tel: 052-704-0447 or 052-912-0499

Closed on Wednesdays


Meito Pool

Kamiyashiro Aza Ashibasama, Itaka-cho, Meito-ku

Tel: 052-614-7500  or 052-701-4986

Closed on Wednesdays


Minato Pool

1-1401 Tochi, Minato-ku

Tel: 052-218-7551 or 052-384-5587

Closed on Fridays


Mizuho Koen Pool

5-1 Yamashita Dori, Mizhuho-ku

Tel: 052-836-8200

Closed on Mondays


Moriyama Pool

197 Muraai-cho, Moriyama-ku

Tel: 052-704-0447 or 052-794-1319

Closed on Wednesdays


Inabaji Pool

1-47 Inabaji-cho, Nakamura-ku

Tel: 052-614-7500  or 052-413-0779

Closed on Thursdays


Tomida Pool

809 Higashi Kanosato-cho, Nakagawa-ku

Tel: 052-614-7500  or 052-882-8091

Closed on Fridays

Nakagawa Pool

3-1 Kitae-cho, Nakagawa-ku

Tel: 052-218-7551 or 052-362-9131

Closed on Wednesdays


Yamada Pool

236-1 Gosaibi-cho, Nishi-ku

Tel: 052-704-0447 or 052-503-9977

Closed on Fridays

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