Education Feature: Playpourri International

A Niche Early Education Centre

Rowena Pike-McFadden

Welcome to Playpourri International! We are a niche, early education centre specializing in the growth, development and education of infants and children. Our unique size allows us to provide more individualized attention, increased social interaction and an inclusive environment for your child. We understand the challenges of modern parenting and communicate daily with our parents offering encouragement, support and assistance as needed.

Playpourri is a privately-owned preschool that has been serving the community since 2004. We are centrally located between Kakuozan, Imaike and Fukiage. A free door-to-door shuttle is available for select courses. To find out more, visit our homepage.
To experience the magic of Playpourri, join us for a personalized tour and morning of fun.

Is your school accredited?

Yes, we are. Playpourri International is registered with the Nagoya City Bureau of Child Services. We undergo yearly inspections of our facilities, curriculums, reporting, record keeping, emergency drills, mandatory staff and children health checks, along with growth development progress logs and parent communication throughout the year.

When does your school year start and do you accept children throughout the year?

Playpourri follows the Japanese school year; starting in April, however, we accept children at any time of the year. Our program is developmentally based; therefore, our students work at their individual pace and can start at any time.

What age students do you accept and what courses do you offer?

Playpourri accepts students from 2 months of age and offers Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten Programs. After School Language Lab (English ESL), Little Artists and Japanese Classes are available as part of our Academic Enrichment Program.
What is special about your program?

We offer morning, half day and full day programs with the choice of 1 to 5 days per week. Parents are able to create a school schedule that fits their time and budget. Parents also have a choice of payment plans.

Whole Child Approach to Learning:
We respect each child’s own developmental readiness. We modify our programs to meet the needs and skill levels of our students.

Balanced Education:
Your child will learn and grow through the use of multi-sensory activities, outdoor classroom exploration, PE classes, yoga, instrumental music lessons, and more. Our programs also have a strong STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) element to them.

What are the qualifications of your school faculty?

Our preschool teaching team comprises both native English speakers and English-speaking Japanese support staff. Our native teachers are qualified educational professionals in their respective home countries. Our Japanese teachers also hold certification in daycare and / or kindergarten fields.

What is the diversity of your school community?

Our school community is very multicultural. We welcome families of all nationalities and cultures. Currently, we have students from France, Canada, , Argentina, Japan, UK, Philippines, Russia, and Serbia.

What do your parents say you do best?

We asked our parents and here is what they had to say: Playpourri offers a loving, caring, homely, and cheerful environment where their children receive professional care and education. Their children feel safe. They are confident in our ability to care for their child. They appreciate the efforts we go to help them live and raise their family in Japan. They feel supported. They appreciate that they can come to us whenever they need us.

We go above and beyond in order to support our school community.

Playpourri International Preschool is dedicated to growing happy, healthy, smart, and strong kids.

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