PJs at BJ – April 12, 2014

What Is The Sexy Pajama Party?
Funny You Should Ask…

Well it has DJs:

DJ Paul S (Formerly DJ PauloAtNight)
DJ dij
DJ crushmonkey
DJ Deren
Special Guest DJ Zeek

Belly Dancer Ariane
Sexy Cage Dancers Nozomy, Kimiko and Saori

Pillow Fight Contests…  and a Four-Poster Bed

Sex party? Sorry, no. But now that I’ve got your attention…Pajama Party. Yesss.

For the first time, The Sexy Parties will be hosting at BJ American bar and restaurant, conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from Sakae underground, exit 1. And for the first time (to our knowledge), Nagoya plays home to a large-scale pajama party.

This April 12th, we present, for your social entertainment and pleasure, The Sexy Pajama Party at BJ! That’s “Big Joy”, by the way, so now you can get your mind out of the gutter. Or not, if that’s where you like it. We only ask that you bring your manners. BJ has dining seating for close to a hundred, with plenty of space to mingle, dance, and party on. Come in your civvies and take in the sights, or get into the theme with your choice of sleep-wear. Only those in PJ’s get to join in for pillow fightin’ time! As always, The Sexy is a No-Smoking event, so if you’re a puffer, please take your poison out to the street when the need hits.

“But I don’t wear PJ’s to bed”, I hear you say. Umm, too much information, dude. But don’t feel you need to get little details like that get in the way of a good time. Sleep wear, room wear, whatever you choose is OK with us. Here are a few suggestions to get your imagination going: Flannels, sweats, onesies, boxers and t-shirts, nighties, camisoles, teddies, slips, lingerie, dressing gowns, slippers. We’ll be giving away prizes for the most impressive costumes, so feel free to get creative and take advantage of this rare opportunity to party like you were back in college again.

Riding the subway in a nightie may be on your bucket list of things to do before the NSA eats your soul. If so, this is your chance! For those who’d rather fit in with the commuter crowd while making your way there, an over-coat may be the way to go. Alternatively, pack your jammies in your bag and change when you arrive (Changing rooms are available.) Please note: there are no lockers at BJ, so please take responsibility for your bags.

DJ’s play from 7:00, Dancers perform from 9:00, and the party goes till late. But if you’ve never eaten at BJ before, we highly recommend heading down early for a hearty dinner. They’re open from 5:00, and for this event everyone through the door before 8:00 gets 3 drink tickets with entry. BJ has a truly impressive menu of American burgers and appetite-sating fare. Personally, I don’t think any reasonable punter would need to look any further than the Texas Bacon Burger. But hey, they have a whole bunch of other great stuff to choose from, so don’t let my right-wing judgement hold you back.

The Sexy Pajama Party
At American Dining Bar BJ
Sat. April 12 from 17:00 tp 1:30

Tickets: ADV ¥2,500 (2 Drinks)
DOOR ¥3,000 (2 Drinks)

PLUS! Come in any bedroom attire and get a
FREE Burger Coupon!

Contact any of our staff for tickets
Tel: (052) 759 2257 during office hours
email: dan@thesexy.jp for enquires.





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