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Peat Tavern at Nagoya Station is as Irish as feck!

NAGMAG has travelled all over the world, from Cork, to Cook Islands, all the way to Kathmandu, and wherever we’ve been, there has always been one constant: Irish bars. ‘Tis true! Wherever you go, the Irish will have got there first and built a bar. We would not be surprised if, as the maiden space shuttle docks on Mars, the first thing the astronauts will notice is an O’Malley’s pub. (Right next to Starbucks, of course.)

However, the problem plaguing most Irish Bars (the ones in Cork excluded) is the lack of authenticity. But this is not a problem with Peat Irish Tavern in Meieki (just behind the Hub). No! Peat Tavern is as Irish as St Patrick, as green beer!  Peat Tavern is as Irish as feck!

As you walk in, the first thing you notice is the dulcet diddlee-dee music, and that there is more Oirish bric-a-brac than you can shake a shillelagh at. You can choose between an open dining area replete with the heavy, gnarled wooden furniture you would expect of the Emerald Isle, or you can choose comfy armchairs in the snug, bringing to mind quiet nights of sipping whiskey –note the ‘e’ – with old friends. More of which to come.
A quick perusal of the menu shows some surprising delights, with a fusion of French and Italian foods on offer, plenty of bar snacks and the sort of cheese selection that could make a Donegal dairy farmer weak at the knees. However, what stands out for us is the hearty Beef & Guinness Stew. As NAGMAG’s dear old gran used to say (half Irish herself), it’s the sort of dish that’ll put hairs on your chest. And, if you’re going to stick around for a drink, you’re going to need something of substance in your belly.

Of course, no truly authentic Irish pub is complete without The Black Stuff – or Guinness to the uninitiated – and Peat Irish Tavern has theirs (available to you by the pint or half at ¥990 and ^550 respectively) imported directly from the homeland, for that traditional Irish taste. Lager lovers can have a Heineken, and those with an adventurous palate can try Peat’s Pick Up, a choice of beer you are unlikely to find elsewhere in our fair city of Nagoya. The Pick Up right now is Brew Dog’s Punk IPA which, while not cheap at ¥1300 a bottle, is certainly worth every penny to the craft ale lover.

But, as you know, man cannot live on beer alone! While the bar is fully stocked with a dizzying array of spirits -with which your barman can make any cocktail on request (or for a mere ¥660 he can make an original, just for you!)- it is the immense Whiskey selection that is the real cause for excitement. For you budding Joyces, wanting to sip while  contemplating the world, there is the aptly named A Drop Of The Irish, but if you are ready to Riverdance the night away, bar manager Amita-san, recommends a Connemara, an Irish whiskey that kicks like a Mullaghmore mule.

So there you have it. There are of course plenty of Irish bars to tempt you in Nagoya, but if you are looking for the real authentic craic, good food, great drink, and no other bollix, then it’s to Peat Irish Tavern a-merrily you should go.


Peat Irish Tavern
1F Nagoya Daiya Bldg. #2, 3-15-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya

Lunch: Mon- Fri. 11:30-14:30
Dinner: Mon- Thurs. 17:00- 23:00.
Fri/Sat. 17:00- 24:00.
(Sun. Ask about party reservations.)
Tel: (052) 589-3767

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