Paul McCartney Celebrates 15 years as Yamachan Mascot

(Yamachan mascot, left, and Paul McCartney)

Sir Paul McCartney, world famous musician and top three member* of seminal Brit Beat band The Beatles is set to celebrate another milestone: 15 years as the mascot of Nagoya chicken wing restaurant, Yamachan.

“It’s so groovy being the mascot for fried chicken wings,” Sir Paul told Daily Nag. “Admittedly I am famed for being a vegetarian, but you can’t beat some tebasaki when you are in Nagoya. As long as you don’t think about the horrific circumstances in which battery hens are kept, of course.”

To commemorate the occasion, Sir Paul intends on writing an original song, which is bound to be as much of a classic as The Frog Chorus or Ebony and Ivory.

“I was thinking ‘Eleanor Chickenby’, ‘Let it Be Chicken’, ‘Hey Brood’ or maybe ‘Back in the Pe.Pe.Pe.Par’,” woooooed Sir Paul. “But really, anything by Wings should do it.”

*If Ringo isn’t in your top two, you’ve got something wrong with you – Daily Nag Music Ed.

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