Part-time Positions Open at Carter Witt Media


Carter Witt Media, the publishers of NAGMAG, Japanzine, The InfoGuide, Digital Destinations and a lot of other stuff is looking for right-thinking heroes to join our talented team of media professionals. Currently we are seeking to fill the following part-time positions with brilliant hard-working Kool-Aid drinkers:

Copy Editor and Web Monkey
CWM is looking for a grammar nazi to wrangle text for all of our projects (print and digital). The position requires a basic understanding of the Macintosh platform as well as an extensive and erudite knowledge of the English language. Your cheerful and sunny demeanor will be coupled with a pedantic obsession to detail complemented by excellent written and verbal skills. The selected candidate will not be given to extensive displays of dramatic performance art. The position is two days per week with a 3 month evaluation period.

Podcast Producer (NAG BUZZ) CWM is looking for someone to write, record and edit a weekly podcast. The applicant will chose the subject matter and book guests for a weekly 45 minute podcast aimed at Nagoya residents. The successful applicant will be familiar with recording software and hardware. A brave heart and an awesome sense of humour are mandatory. The position is two days per week with a 3 month evaluation period.


Or call (052) 788-2123 (Mon – Fri 10 am to 6 pm) for details and to arrange an interview.

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