OXO: The OXO Burger

People are so smitten with the happy hour of this popular pub chain that they may overlook the vittles on the menu. But you do this at your own risk because their signature hamburger is the perfect companion on your mission to drink your weight in half-priced cocktails. But pace yourself; because this mammoth burger is a fighter. Adorned with crisp lettuce, onion and the holy trinity (mustard, ketchup and mayo), pickles and tomato are curiously absent. But there is no dearth of snap as it also comes with a slab of crispy bacon.

The sesame bun holds together quite well, a feat of baking ingenuity as the 180 grams of beef strains the hinges of your jaw. The patty brings to mind summer BBQs with dad manning the grill and mom hand-making burgers so round and heavy you could shotput with them. The side of crispy shoestring fries will give you a welcome respite from your Herculean task, with possibly enough time to grab one more drink before last call.

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