OXO Kanayama: The OXO Special Burger

OXO is Famous for having a great British pub atmosphere, happy hour cocktails, Premier League football and the best background music this side of Manchester 1997.

Meat to bun ratio:
A thick, fluffy toasted sesame bun that on first viewing seemed like it could overpower the meat, but it melted away to compliment the burger perfectly.

The fixins:
The OXO Special Burger was so well loaded it is probably easier to list what isn’t in it. But I won’t do that, because I’m exaggerating of course. But only slightly. Ready…? Guacamole, cheese, thick-cut bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, ketchup, mustard, another slice of tomato and a Union Jack flag proudly sat atop. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, a great big slab of juicy meat in the middle. I wondered at first how on earth I would manage to eat it. I squeezed it down, it popped back up. A seriously stuffed burger. I managed it, eventually.

The fries:
Wedge style chips (we are British so there are no ‘French fries’ here. We used to fight wars against the buggers, for Christ’s sake) still with the skin on, fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside, just like my mum’s roast potatoes.

I would recommend this place because…
Let’s face it, we British aren’t generally known for our cuisine, so in all honesty I didn’t have high expectations. However the OXO Special Burger genuinely blew me away with surprise. Fish and Chips can move aside, the U.K. culinary experience has a new top dish.
– Mark Guthrie

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