OXO Kanayama: Cranberry Mojito


IMG_4698OXO in Kanayama is something of a British oasis in the hot desert of the Japanese bar scene. However, what keeps us returning time and again is not so much the British Pub aesthetic, nor the cracking Brit Pop tunes (there’s that Oasis again…) but the always welcoming bar staff who really make OXO feel like a proper local boozer. I’d been looking forward to Naomi’s cocktails. You see, the sight of the lithe bar manager shaking a cocktail is perhaps the most sensual thing that I’ve ever witnessed so, when barman Naomi proposed a muddled rather than shaken cocktail as his drink of choice, I was a little disappointed. However, this take on the traditional cocktail, swapping the soda for cranberry, nearly knocked my pants off, so I had another. Which meant my pants came off and… well we won’t say what happened from then, other than to say that cranberry was definitely a good idea. -MG

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