Outback: The Gold Coast ‘Rita and The Strawberry Spritzer


Everyone knows Outback for their steaks, burgers and ribs. But perhaps less well known except to the real barflies in town is that they have a pro bar staff working one of the best stocked bars and an awesome happy hour too.

Outback served up two great drinks. The first one, the Gold Coast ‘Rita incorporates Tequila, triple sec, margarita mix and a salted rim. A frozen margarita, the saltiness of the salt balanced out the sweetness of the other ingredients quite nicely. Expertly mixed, it’s tough to make out the individual ingredients – the mark of a wicked cocktail. I did get massive brain freeze from drinking it too fast, though. Drinker beware!

The Strawberry Spritzer stood up well against it’s inebriated siblings in this year’s drinkathon. It is a fun mix of Sprite and strawberry with a cherry on top. The Outbackers described it as a “happy drink for summer”. We’re not arguing! – RTM

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