Outback Steakhouse: Bloomin' Burger

Ken Aichi

For those uninitiated in the ways of the mysterious cult of Outback (all none of you), the Bloomin’ Onion is a lot like Elvis Presley: huge, fried, and delicious (especially with a beer). While we’re on the subject, it is doubtful that anyone other than Elvis himself would be able to eat a whole Bloomin’ Onion on their own; which is why, having no friends to share with, I usually pass.

Luckily, a clever Outback culinary scientist, after much toil, came up with a solution to my predicament: put some Bloomin’ Onion chips on Outback’s already excellent cheeseburger, slather it in special sauce and voila! The Bloomin’ Burger is born!

The Bloomin’ Burger is one of those rare of examples of something that seems like a good idea on paper, and then actually works out in practice as well. The onion chips add a nice crunch, like a classy version of potato chips in a sandwich. The sauce is also a welcomed variation on the usual ketchup-mustard combos that seem to be popular like, everywhere, dude.

I was equally impressed that the burger was no slacker when it came to the salad side of things either. The lettuce and tomato added a decent touch of freshness to a burger that could otherwise be overly greasy.

That about sums the whole thing up; it’s obvious that the Bloomin’ Burger is a very carefully considered culinary creation. All the ingredients harmonize to create a burger experience that is, surprisingly, about the sum of it’s parts. Excellent!

Vital Statistics:
Meat: A real meaty mouthful. Well-done.
Bun: Grilled white bread buns.
Condiments: Lettuce, tomato, yellow cheese.
Fries: Outback’s fries are hand-cut and still retain their skin, inhabiting a tasty zone between fries and wedges.
Epic Win: Anytime Outback’s bloomin’ onion even comes close to a bacon cheese burger an epic win is inherent. Thus, this culinary chorus of exquisite bloomin’ beef is an EPIC WIN unto itself!
Dr. Seuss would… eat this with the King. Gets me shakin’ my hips and wantin’ to sing!

Outback Steakhouse Nagoya Sakae
Nishiki 324 Bldg. B1. 3-24-24 Nishiki, Naka-ku Nagoya
Open Mon – Fri 17:00-23:30 / Sat, Sun, and Holidays 11:30-23:30
Tel: (052) 968-7800

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