Outback Steakhouse: Bloomin’ Burger

This burger is the BOMB! Outback is proud of their ingredients, and everything in this burger was so fresh it tasted like it was straight from the garden (except y’know cooked and stuff). The crunch and zing of the Bloomin’ Onion and sauce is what takes a good cheeseburger and makes it great.

If you don’t know what a Bloomin’ Onion is, it is a specially bred variety of onion (really) cut using a special machine to make it “bloom” like a flower then deep fried and served with Outback’s special “bloomin’ sauce’. To be honest, a whole deep-fried onion is a bit much for one person to eat on their own so I was happy about being able to eat it in this burger.

Overall, I was impressed by this burger. It will fill you up (180gm patty!), and the side fries are tasty too. Grab it instead of a steak next time you go out back to Outback. You’ll like it, cobber.

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