Oshibori Can Help People Find Peace of Mind – The Video!

How do you relax? A cup of coffee, alcohol, sweets, spending time with friends or with loved ones? Or when you go to sleep at the end of the day?

Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a unique relaxing item called an “oshibori”, which are dampened hand-sized warm towels. Today in English you might call it a “hand towel”. It is made by squeezing a towel soaked in water. If you wipe your face and hands, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

You can relax when you are busy or frustrated. The oshibori, which was said to have been invented in the Edo period about 300 years ago, was handed over to a traveler who walked all day after arriving at a Hatagoya (lodging), and helped to ease the fatigue of travelers. It was a customary gesture and no money was paid.

The hospitality that welcomes such a customer is called “omotenashi”. Currently oshibori are used mainly in restaurants and hotels in Japan, but in recent years it has also been used by car dealers, elderly care facilities, leisure facilities, offices, and other places.

Now a company specializing in hand towels produced a video as the first part of a project called “Let’s get to know more about hand towels” for foreign tourists who come to Japan.

The theme is “Japanese oshibori can help people to find peace of mind.”

About the video:

This is an original video to introduce oshibori and how they are used.

It was made by Tomoyuki Onoda of the Aichi Lease Oshibori Cooperative Mizuho Oshibori Co., Ltd. of Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture.

Greetings from the producer of the video:

“I’m sure no one will ever encounter such a scene as depicted in this video, but I made a draft by believing in the potential of hand towels. It is a short video of (2 minutes and 27 seconds), but it is a work that is full of hand towels and splendor! This is a must-see – wait for the climax! I hope you enjoy watching this video in Japan with your family and friends at home. So please enjoy your time in Japan!”

You can watch the video here:



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