Onion and Truffle W Burger: The 59’s

You might expect an American Diner like The 59’s to rock up with a killer double cheeseburger. And you’d be right. Here we have an American-sized burger that ticks all the boxes. Two big meaty patties – check, yummy loads of cheddar cheese – check. Crispy thick cut bacon – check.

So if you’re hearing the  “Two all beef patties special sauce on a sesame seed bun” jingle right now, you are probably asking “What about the special sauce?” Well here The 59’s throws a curve ball by adding sautéed onions in… truffle oil.

“C’est sacrilige!” I said to myself. Yet this European twist gives this American burger an air of savoir faire.  It knows how to be eaten and it confidently lays back on the plate in all its meaty goodness awaiting your face.
– Doug Breath

Vital Statistics:

Meat: Two big ole beefy patties lashed in cheddar cheese and bacon. Oh yeah.
Bun: Sesame seed bun with just the right texture. Maybe can’t compete with the rest of the ensemble – but it tries.
Fries: Long strings of deep fried carbohydrate goodness.
Epic Win: The onions sautéed in truffle oil added enough magic that I overcame my initial reluctance and plowed this baby deep into my gullet with passionate frisson.

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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