One Piece Monkey D. Luffy comes out as not a real monkey

The world of popular manga and anime series One Piece has been rocked by the revelations that main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy isn’t really a monkey.

Following claims made by rival publications of his double life, the character, who is famed for his rubber limbs and superhuman strength, has opened up to the Daily Nag to set the story straight.

“Actually my real name is Marquis DeLufé,” he said. “I come from quite an aristocratic background, but when I got into the piracy game the chaps down the gentleman’s club warned me that your average pirate on the street isn’t keen on the landed gentry, being seafaring folk and all. As such they advised that I changed my name.”

Due to these fears that people would not accept him for who he really was, he changed his name to ‘Monkey’ and thus his double life began.

“Everyone thought that I was a real monkey, and that made it easier to continue my quest to become the Pirate King.” But eventually he found it impossible to deny who he really was.

“Of course some of those close to me – Chopper, Nami and Brook – know the real me, and love me for who I am. But in this world, particularly as a celebrity in Japan, it is tough to be the real you. I am hoping that everyone else will accept me and continue to support me.”

The news of Luffy’s double life comes just months after Sanrio announced that Hello Kitty isn’t really a cat, and there have been continued rumours about other characters leading double lives.

“There have been insinuations in the press about me not being a bear that is crossed with a melon,” said mascot Melon Bear. “While I have nothing against that sort of thing – some of my best friends aren’t bears crossed with melons – I am a 100%, red blooded bear crossed with a melon,” he added. “Roar.”

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