One-day Tour: Sushi Making Lunch and Tour of Nagoya’s Hidden Christians
June 18, 2017

JFF is introducing an opportunity for English-speakers to experience the moving history of the Kakure Kirishitan (hidden Christians) and the one feudal leader in Nagoya who fought to protect them. Join a translation-assisted visit to Eikoku Temple, the site of a collection of Kakure Kirishitan artifacts and documents, where we will see how Christians hid images of the virgin Mary and Jesus in statues, scrolls, and pictures, and learn how this Buddhist temple was built with the secret purpose of preserving their story. Following Eikokuji, try a hands-on sushi-making lunch, and explore Osu Kannon from the perspective of one of its residents. Advance reservation required.

One response to “One-day Tour: Sushi Making Lunch and Tour of Nagoya’s Hidden Christians

  1. Konnichiwa,
    Please send me more info about the Kirishitan sites in Nagoya and Eikokuji. Also, what is the name of the feudal leader who protected Kakure Kirishitan in Nagoya area?
    Unfortunately, my Japanese is too limited to understand much from Japanese language sources.
    Gordon Thompson, Caledon, ON Canada

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