No Nukes! Nagoya – July 15, 2012

No Nukes! Nagoya

Sunday July 15th, 2pm – 3pm (please arrive by 1pm.)

Meeting place: Wakamiya Odori Park, Nagoya (Osu 3-chome, Naka-ku)

“TwitNoNukes758” is hosting an anti-nuclear power rally in Nagoya on Sunday the July 15th. Anyone who is against nuclear power resumption is welcome to join and show support for the anti-nuclear cause.

On May 5th, all of Japan’s nuclear power plants stopped operating for the first time in 42 years.

Our continued efforts of voicing strong opposition to the government since March 11’s nuclear disaster until today were well rewarded at that time, and we all believed and hoped that Japan would no longer use nuclear energy.

However the Ooi town assembly approved tthe resumption of their nuclear operations to support the jobs provided by them; the Ooi reactors were restarted on July 1st.

What‘s worse, the government has begun serious consideration of conducting rolling blackouts this summer, to sway public opinion into supporting the nuclear restart.

We all know that nothing has been solved since the Fukushima nuclear power disaster and radiation is still being emitted both to the sea and the air.

Now it’s time to really make a change to save our future. It is important that more people join in the rallies and show just how many people are against nuclear power – and willing to use their own people power to make change.

Let’s get together and express opposition to the government’s decision to restart the nuclear power plant.

This rally can be summed up with three phrases: “No Nukes!” “Stop the Ooi reactors!” and “Protect Children!”

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