No Borders: Not just a place to teach but one to grow and live

With a history deeply rooted in the community of Nagoya for over 25 years, No Borders started off as a small English school and has now grown to one of the largest schools in the area.

With five preschool, four kindergartens and a large after-school program as well as having contracts with over 20 Japanese schools, they service thousands of students and have over 100 employees.

What drives No Borders is not just being one of the best schools to attend, but rather one of the best schools to work, that is their driving force and that is what makes them different.  

No Borders strives to create an environment where teachers  can grow, advance and make a difference. 

No Borders has truly created a school for teachers.

No Borders’ director, Kenn Gale, has a team of over 60 teaching staff, 30 of which are foreigners from all over the world. He is vice chair in the ACCJ, and also on the Board of Directors of the Japanese Association for Language Teaching. 

“Our most valuable asset is our staff. We are so grateful for the time, care and concern they put into their students. That is what motivates me to do my best to ensure that while they are abroad, they don’t just have a job, but a career. I want them to feel they can advance, grow, contribute and be part of something. I want them to feel they have a home here”

No Borders is also active in professional development bringing in special speakers from all over Japan to train and share their ideas.

Over the last few years No Borders has expanded and is currently in the process of opening up new schools. When asked about the main reason for their rapid growth and success, there was no hesitation from Kenn as he replied, “The team. Without them, we could not and would not be where we are today.”

No Borders offers a full time preschool and kindergarten course and several different options for after-school programs. Their curriculum is thorough, their facilities are modern and well equipped, and their staff is committed to providing the best education possible.

We asked some of the teachers at No Borders what they had to say:

Nate Kornegay
Team Leader

At any given moment in our schools, something special is happening. Students are learning about the world around them, and about each other, growing into a tight-knit family of close colleagues and friends. 

No Borders strives to foster an environment that allows students to socially and emotionally grow in real, meaningful ways, developing their emotional quotients in parallel with their academic studies. 

Here, nothing is more important than this family. We teachers use our creative freedom to take the curriculum and tailor it to our own classes, being sure to engage students according to their distinct needs and personalities. 

Our lifestyle is one of encouragement, positivity, inclusiveness, and fun! 

As a result, our students develop confidence in expressing themselves, becoming amazing individuals full of potential and destined for great things in life. By laying this foundation, particularly for our preschools and kindergartens, our family becomes one actively engaged in personal and communal growth. We are No Borders, and we are proud of this community!

Michael Pettovello
Senior Kindergarten Coordinator

Part of being an English teacher and a long term resident is an inherent worry about job security and career growth. While there are many teaching opportunities, there are far fewer opportunities for a long term career. Luckily, I was able to find a good fit with No Borders. 

When I joined, I could tell it was a growing company, and one that might allow my career to grow with it. This has come to be as I have found myself become a coordinator of our expanding kindergarten program. 

And while the career growth is a real benefit, I also find that there is a lot of satisfaction in being a part of decision making and being a part of making this company successful. Even though I was quite content at my last job, this long term view has proven to be the best for my career and personal happiness.


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  1. 2 girls, age 12, attend Japanese language school in Hilo, Hawaii. Do you have a 1 month program during the summer (they are on vacation from June1 to July 31) that teaches Japanese language?
    Please send me any information you have. If you do not have a program that fits their schedule, do you know of any available? It need not be in Nagoya.

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