Newbie Gaijin Don’t Understand Japan, Lifers Claim.

Newcomers to Japan have little-to-no understanding of Japan and its culture, according to leading figures in Nagoya’s gaijin community.

“I have been in Nagoya for over 25 years now, and I really understand Japan and its culture.” Mark Welles told The Daily Nag. “In my spare time I study the architecture of Japanese castles, and I am so proud of my N1 JLPT certificate that I tell almost everyone I meet about it. Repeatedly. But this new generation just don’t get it.”

The greatest bone of contention seems to be that those coming to Japan recently do not appreciate the country for what it is, preferring fun over gaining a deep understanding of their new home.

“It annoys me so much seeing these kids in their twenties turning up here, going to bars and hooking up with as many random people as they can,” said Callum D’Arcy, who has lived in Nagoya since 1993. “It’s as if they think that getting shitfaced and shagging around is more fun than discussing the movies of Ozu and the sociopolitical landscape of the nation.

“Admittedly, during the bubble years I shagged around, got twatted every night and caught an incredible amount of venereal disease,” he added. “But then I discovered what living in Japan really means, and I’m not just jealous of the young bastards. Don’t let that sound of me grinding my teeth tell you otherwise.”

2 responses to “Newbie Gaijin Don’t Understand Japan, Lifers Claim.

  1. The guy in the photo, wearing yellow-tinted glasses, is familiar to me. Was he in Tehran way back in the pre-revolution days? If so, he’s warn extremely well, considering the chaos and turmoil of the gaijin scene in those halcyon days.

  2. That’s Steven Segal, Amercan action movie star. And the guy talking sounds like a complete tool. he just called people names for doing the exact same thing he admitted he did. Sounds like hypocrisy to me!

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