New Sakae Cosmetic Acupuncture Clinic For Women

For many of us, life is a never-ending series of aches and pains, and we all have different ways of dealing with them. Personally, I’m an advocate of British stiff-upper-lipness and beer. But, for an alternative, more holistic remedy, there is New Sakae Acupuncture Clinic.

New Sakae Acupuncture Clinic is a comprehensive clinic that combines western and Asian therapies to manage and cure a wide range of complaints, and since 1985 has developed an impressive reputation amongst the local community.

So, when NAGMAG asked me to check it out, like the loving husband that I am, I suggested that my wife, Mai, went long in my stead.

Like many people, Mai works in an office environment and is very much desk-bound throughout her day. As a result, she regularly suffers from aching shoulders, a stiff neck and pain in her back that comes from sitting at her computer for many hours, and as such she jumped at the chance.

Okay, having never received acupuncture before, she jumped a little nervously, but she was immediately put at ease when we arrived and met our therapist, Yuko, who explained in excellent English the theory behind the practice.

“The basic concept of Eastern medicine is that disease and pain occur when the flow of energy and blood around the body is restricted. Through massage and acupuncture we are able to correct this flow, leaving you free of pain and refreshed.

“It is a treatment that originated in China has been used successfully for around four thousand years, though Japanese acupuncture differs in that it is less invasive, and the needles are much smaller,” she added, much to Mai’s obvious relief.

Mai was shown to a treatment room, softly lit with relaxing music overhead, and while she changed I asked Yuko, who was a long-time patient before she became part of the team, as to how quickly Mai would feel the benefit.

“It depends on how long you have had the pain for,” Yuko explained. “Last week we treated a patient who hurt his back. He came to us that day, his posture so bad that he was hunched like a monkey, but when he left he was as good as new.

However, If you have been in pain for some time, it requires a longer course, but it can be cured.”
Yuko began with an exploratory massage to discover Mai’s problem points. There were, it turned out, many. When she was told that she would require twenty needles – from her neck to her hips and along her arms – Mai’s face was a picture.

But she needn’t have been worried, because as Yuko went about her craft, gently tapping in the needles, she barely felt a thing, and was completely relaxed. Soon she resembled a pin cushion, and as the needles were left to work their magic, Yuko told us a little more about the practice.

“As most of our staff speak English, we have many foreigners as patients. We also treat many local celebrities – idols, entertainers and jazz singers – which shows how highly thought of the center is. We also offer care for children, with massage and acupressure treatments, though we don’t use needles.

“Furthermore, we have a connection with a doctor at the Women’s Treatment Room at Nagoya University Hospital who advises us on a number issues including post-natal care and symptoms related to menstrual cycles.”

Once the needles had done their job Yuko gently removed them. Although Mai still felt some aches in her problem spots – a testament to how long she has suffered – she felt extremely relaxed, and there was no doubt that there was an improvement.

And, having received such exemplary treatment from warm and kind practitioners – as well as finding out how competitively priced the treatment is – she will most certainly be going back to continue her convalescence.

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