Nameless Theatre Opens Auditions for Romeo and Juliet – October 21st, 2012

Nameless Theatre Opens Auditions for Romeo and Juliet

A couple of years ago, Nameless hit on an idea— combine our collective experience in theatre and create a group that focused on staging yearly large-scale productions of Shakespeare plays in Nagoya.

To make these plays a success though, we knew there would be challenges involved. The language in Bard’s work can be tough to navigate at the best of times, and generally have large cast and crew requirements that need to be filled. More importantly, was there even an audience for Shakespeare in Nagoya at all?

We believe there is. There is just something about a body of work filled with romance, murder, revenge and even the odd happily ever after that has been entertaining audiences for centuries, and there was absolutely no reason it couldn’t work in our city too.

We saw the large scale of these shows not as an obstacle but as an exciting opportunity to bring together the massive amount of creative energy in Nagoya that would be required to make these plays a success.

With all that in mind, it might seem like an odd choice to start with one of his most notoriously difficult, Hamlet, which we staged last May.

But it’s also one of his deepest and most exciting plays. Ghosts, madness, fist fights and a fencing match— Hamlet is a play that is limited only by the imaginations of the director and team involved, so what better production to let our creative energies loose on?

In the end, it all paid off. Hamlet was a huge success, performing to 5 packed houses and great reviews over the course of our run. But I hope we did something more important too in demonstrating again that Nagoya has the drive, the dedication and the talent to come together and work to create memorable art in our city.

And that is something I think we can all be proud of.

After the success of Hamlet, we knew that Shakespeare in Nagoya could be done, and that we had to do more. We have already started work on our next Shakespeare production, the romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet, and are about to hold auditions.

We are going to push things even further for this show and create something on a bigger scale than we’ve attempted before, but for this to succeed, we need you on stage to create it with us.

We will be holding auditions on October 21st for Romeo and Juliet. There are many roles open for men and women from all backgrounds and levels of experience. If it’s your first time on stage, don’t worry. We’ll all be working under the guidance of award winning director Anthony Gilmore.

If you’ve ever thought about acting, now is the perfect time to give it a shot. Nameless Theatre is growing, and we want you there with us.

To book an audition slot, please contact Nameless Theatre by email at or by phone at 052 725 8216.

The audition will be cold readings from the Romeo and Juliet script.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

SHOW: William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
AUDITION DATE & TIME: Sunday October 21st   5pm to 7pm
LOCATION: Nameless Office, Fujigaoka (subway Higashiyama line)

Directions to the Nameless office
Leave exit 2 from Fujigaoka station (Higashiyama line) and turn left at Mister Donut.  After passing Circle K on your right, turn right at the intersection. Walk one and a half blocks to the IF building on your right (opposite Yamaya). Nameless is on the fourth floor.

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