NAG's Best Burgers 2015

IMG_8399In what has now become a yearly ritual, every spring our writers and staff are sent out into the Nag to search out the best burgers. This burger imbibing is then followed by a trip to the cardiologist for most who, if they dont drown in a pool of their own meat-sweat, find that several sessions at the gym are in order.

But hey, this is our job, this is what we do. A little weight gain and a few years shaved off of an otherwise exemplary life is a small price to pay for a greater good –  to let you deserving Nagites know where to find the area’s best burgers.

Now that our mission is accomplished we can only look back with hypertension at a few take-aways about the ever shifting and competitive burgerscape.

First burgers, just like the city itself, are getting TALL! We ran across a few burgers that you literally need a ladder to vanquish. Inevitably this led to several shy looks from our veteran burger-eating team. We soldiered on, but not without a few awkward fork wielding moments.

Second, the topping selection is getting pretty elaborate. In particular the troubling trend of packing onion rings on top of an otherwise unstable burger structure was the cause of much anxiety. But as our  burger mastication and ingestion was being witnessed by burger purveyors we attempted where possible to eat the burgers as presented in situ.

Third, Nagoya has a lot of great burger joints. Not only that but the burgeropolis has extended out to Nagakute which boasts both The Skillet Diner and Tiger Lily BBQ Market which had some of the best burgers we encountered.

Now it is up to you, our valued readers, to take up the burger baton where we leave off. We can eat no more, but remember us as you head off into burger paradise. Make us proud.

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