Nag’s Best Burgers 2014

The NAGMAG Crew Eats Their Way Across The Nagoya Burgerscape

The Nagoya Burgerscape has improved markedly since we did our first annual review of the best hamburgers in town. This time we found some tasty new places to introduce while some familiar players have upped their game considerably.

All of which meant we – the bloated, meat infused, french fried and pickled NAGMAG team of burger reviewers – have lapsed into a burger coma.

So who had the best burger? We will let you decide, but we dare you to eat them all!

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

The Freebell Burger: The Freebell Deli

The King Burger: Coat Of Arms

The Guacamole Burger: Shooters

The Prime Rib Sandwich: Outback Steakhouse

The OXO Burger: OXO Kanayama

The Layer’s Burger: Layers Aloha Dining

The Ultimate Jack Daniel’s ® Burger: TGI Fridays

The Rock Burger: The Red Rock

Onion and Truffle W Burger: The 59’s

The Texas Burger: BJ American Dining Bar

The Bacon Cheese Burger: Woods Diner

One response to “Nag’s Best Burgers 2014

  1. Ok, sticking my neck out here… but anyone know of a place to get a (wait for it…) veggie burger? Anyone? Bueller?

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