Nagoya’s own EVL release their debut album

EVLAfter BABYMETAL, I needed something to remind me that good music still exists. Local garage rock band EVL’s newly released debut was a promising soul-cleanser. While there is no shortage of women in the local music industry, yuE, Viki and Lica are the hardest rocking.

It’s near impossible to listen to A Guardian Angel, the first song on this EP, without noticing a wide range of inspiration, from the Ramones (yuE sounds like she’s channeling Dee Dee’s bass and he’s pissed) to Sleater-Kinney. But, don’t get up on the lyrics, “I’m only standing right in front of you. Hey, look at me!”, that you miss what EVL is about: fiery bass, hammering drums and lyrics fueled by rage.

Though to say that this is just an “angry album” is a disservice to the flood of raw feelings Lica poured into these songs. Fading Memory, a hate letter to every ex, is full of frustration and gloom, which comes out in a lot of f-bombs. Not safe for work, but probably the best song to listen to while you cut someone’s face out of all your pictures.

Most of the songs here seem a tad too specific to not be about someone real. Poser is a Riot Grrrl-style anthem where Lica gets to show off her chops as a guitarist, while Viki just destroys her kit. I pity whoever inspired this song; I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this rage in any form.

These sirens of rock are very busy this month promoting their new release and you have a lot of chances to catch them live. They’ll be at stKingBiscuit in Gifu on the 12th, DayTrive on the 24th and GC Live for the Absolute Halloween on the 3. You can pick up their album now at or at Tower Records in Sakae.

EVL is here, and they’re screaming to be heard!

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