Nagoya’s 30th Foreign Artists Exhibition

Calling all foreign artists

Foreign Artist Exhibition

Hey, hey, my, my,
FAE will never die,
There’s more to the picture
Than meets the eye,
Hey, hey, my, my.

(With obvious apologies to Neil Young)

Exaggerations can surely be forgiven on this occasion – Nagoya’s 30th annual Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE)! With original founding members still at the helm, this year’s FAE is going to be something special.

Dating back to 1986, this ever-popular show has not only enabled nearly 500 foreign artists from 45 different countries to show their artwork to the general public free-of-charge, it has also provided an opportunity for locals to appreciate the creative energy of the foreigners living among them.

The FAE has been referred to as an “institution”, which grows increasingly accurate with each passing year. It is not just the aims and objectives of the exhibition that have remained unchanged since FAE 1; some of the original squad is still running the show, along with a number of the original members of the Central Japan International Society (CJIS), which organizes the FAE. Additionally, four of the 12 artists who took part in very first exhibition in 1986 still live in Nagoya, and continue to produce and exhibit works; while another 10 artists have been participating for 15 years or more.

Preparations for the big 30 are proceeding smoothly – after 30 years “at it”, you’d expect no less, obviously! We have received a heartening number of new artists expressing interest in the show and, together with our regular participants, should help us top 60 exhibiting artists. Being the 30th anniversary, we would be delighted to see an above-average number of participants (we had a huge 72 artists back in 1995) and, of course, visitors (the current record is 1500, some years ago).

This year’s exhibition will be held over six days from 3 to 8 November at the Nagoya International Centre and the application deadline for artists is October 25. So, if there is still an undecided or reclusive foreign artist out there, aged above 18 years (and of reasonably sound mind) who has yet to apply, now is the time! Drop us a line on the details below. Satisfaction guaranteed, hopefully.

My, my, hey, hey,
The Foreign Artists’ show is here to stay.     

Foreign Artists Exhibition
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