Nagoya Women’s Empowerment Workshop – “Facing Your Fears”
February 3, 2019

Nagoya Women’s Empowerment Workshop
“Facing Your Fears”
Feb 3, 9:30-13:30 at Nanzan University.

Women who want to focus on their goals and connect with a group of dynamic supportive women are invited to the Nagoya Women’s Empowerment Workshop – “Facing Your Fears” being held at Nanzan University Sunday February 3rd. The event will be moderated by Avril Haye-Matsui with guest speaker Brenda Kaneta.

In this 4 hour workshop they will be talking about fear. Fear of the future, fear of taking a risk, fear that wakes us up at 4am with our heart racing! They will work on ways to silence that fearful and often critical voice that tells us we can’t, that we are not good enough.

In the second half of the workshop they will have a special guest speaker Brenda Kaneta. Brenda is an interpreter, translator, mother of 4! And overall amazing person. Brenda is a wonderful example of the power of self-trust, persistence and grit. She will be sharing her story, to show how to keep ‘Smiling Through Adversity’.

And most importantly the time. This will be a 4 hour workshop from 9:30-13:30.

For information and registration email Avril at

Space is limited to 20 AMAZING women. Cost is ¥4,000. Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. Details will be sent upon registration

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