Nagoya Station

If you’re arriving or leaving Nagoya, chances are you’ll do it via Nagoya Station. Meieki (名駅), as it is known to locals, is the city’s main transportation hub with over 190,000 people passing through everyday.

In addition to the Shinkansen (bullet train) which links the city to Tokyo and Osaka and beyond, the JR, Meitetsu, Kintetsu and Aonami lines converge here.

Nagoya Station is also served by the Higashiyama and Sakura-dori subway lines as well as the Meitetsu and JR bus terminals which are located at the south and north ends of the station complex, respectively.

Wherever you are in the city, it’s hard to miss the rapidly expanding quiver of skyscrapers sprouting up around the JR Central Towers which form the main station complex.

The area’s rapid development in recent years has drawn an increasing array of department stores, brand name retailers as well as a wealth of dining options. Here you will find the upscale Takashimaya, Meitetsu and Kintetsu department stores. Across the street the Midland Square building houses several floors of brand name goods as well as a cineplex and the popular Dean and Deluca gourmet food store.

A ten minute walk to the east, Nagoya International Center is there to help out foreigners with English-language information and assistance. The third floor has an extensive library of foreign books and newspapers, and offers PCs with internet access. The American Center and the US Consulate are both located in the same building.

For a taste of Nagoya’s industrial heritage, there are two excellent museums in easy reach of the station. The Toyota Museum of Industry and Technology traces the company’s technological development from textiles to cars. The Noritake Garden craft center and museum is also nearby.

If you feel like exploring, head north to the Endoji arcade and get a feel for the old Nagoya, in all its ramshackle glory, or visit Kiyosu Temple – a short hike from Shin-kiyosu Station on the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line.

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