Nagoya St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 19

A fun day out for the whole family Saturday, March 19 in Osukannon

Michael Kruse

Mad March will soon be upon us, and nothing madder than Saint Patrick’s Day, when Irish people, people of Irish descent, miscellaneous Hibernophiles, and simply all folk who enjoy good craic, will be heading to sundry local venues to share in the reveling. This year, the Irish Network Japan’s organized celebrations of St Patrick’s Day will be held on Saturday the 19th of March (the Day actually falls on the 17th – but who celebrates midweek?).

As usual, festivities will begin at 12:00 midday in Osu, with displays and demonstrations of Irish Dancing, Irish Music, and Japanese Taiko drumming, together with various announcements (including a very special one – see below!); these events are followed by the now legendary Parade, beginning at 14:00 – St Patrick will once again be there in person, it’s a miracle, but he always manages it if we ask nicely – and there will be the annual “Lark in the Park” at 15:30 in Yaba Park (behind Nadya Park), offering a whole range of fun and games to involve the whole family. There will also, of course, be designated hostelries around Nagoya serving Guinness, beer and St Patrick’s Day specials to responsible adults. So have no doubts about it! This is an equal-opportunity, family-friendly opportunity for unbridled fun!

But that is not all. History-buffs, we trust you will be aware that this year is the hundredth anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, a major step in Ireland’s long march to independence. The Rising itself was sadly crushed, but it was the occasion of the first public Proclamation of an Irish Republic, the words of which have now gone down in history as heralding the free and independent Republic of Ireland that we know today. The Proclamation is stirring stuff, and a ceremonial Reading of the Proclamation will take place at Osu at 12:00 midday as a reminder that the Day’s merriment has a serious purpose.

So – if you cherish freedom and fun, come one-and-all to toast Ireland and her August Destiny at the Nagoya Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations, on Saturday the 19th of March, beginning in Osu at 12:00 midday!

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