Nagoya Pub Quiz Christmas Edition


Elephants Nest Fushimi – 8th December – 7.45-11.00

Teams: 2 – 6 people per team

For people who like Christmas, or people who like quizzes or people who like beer or people who like all three!

Entrance Fee: 1000 Yen per person (any profits go to charity)

Format: 7 rounds of brain-frying questions all on Christmas themes! Plus Spot Questions and Challenge Rounds

Scoring: 20 points for each round

Prizes: Cash plus drinks tokens, chocolate and alcohol up for grabs,including spot prizes and a booby prize for the most intellectually challenged team!

Players- Anyone is welcome. You can just turn up and join another team.

Questions- In English. British style pub quiz questions but with a more international flavour.

Rules- Rules- mobile phones must be turned off!!
Anyone using a mobile device forfeits 20 points for their team!!

Please make sure that you’re there well before the start so you have enough time to sign-up etc.

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