Nagoya Parents Warned About PPAP Eikaiwa

Parents of high school students in Nagoya have been told to be vigilant about a gaijin who is offering English lessons in the guise of the Japanese YouTube star, Piko Taro.

The foreigner, who dons the now iconic leopard print outfit and frameless glasses of the popular comic, is said to be approaching high school students and offering English lessons in the style of the worldwide smash-hit song.

However, once students take him up on the offer they find that it is PPAP with a difference.

“I was happy when my daughter started to take an interest in her English lessons on the back of that PPAP song, said Meito-ku resident Kenta Tanaka. “Then we received a flier advertising PPAP Eikaiwa, I thought it would be a perfect fit for her. However, when she came home from her first lesson in tears, I knew something was wrong.”

“My daughter Megumi loves that painfully catchy song, so I signed her up to PPAP Eikaiwa as soon as I heard about it,” said Nana Kato of Nishi-ku. But after her first lesson she was unable to sit down for a week. She refused to tell me what she learned, other than the fact that she now hates the English language.”

“This man posing as an educator is to be considered very dangerous,” said Sargent Ito of Nakamura-ku koban at a press conference today. “Parents and students should be very vigilant.

“What’s more, they should remember the teachings of Piko Taro. PPAP means Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen,” he added. “Under no circumstances should it mean Pen-Pineapple-Anus-Penis.”

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