Nagoya Is Buzzing

The Nagoya Buzz Podcast is BACK!

In 2010 the staff of NAGMAG pulled up to a microphone in our Motoyama HQ and set about producing a weekly podcast. Interviewing musicians and a variety of local luminaries – the crew managed to grind out over 79 shows before taking a hiatus in 2013.

And now it’s back! Under the creative direction of Daniel Ostrander and the technical auspices of Rangi TM we have now put 8 shows in the can since we re-booted in March.

We’ve had some awesome guests including Borrowed Brass, Brian Cullen, Bob Vidler and Ben Dorman, Xandra Corpora and Lesley Bartlett, J!n, Andrea Manning, Daniel Cheah and more.

The show format is simple. Give the mic to someone who has something to say. It’s a great way to find out more about the people that make the international scene in Nagoya so vivid.
Check out Nagoya Buzz on iTunes or Stitcher. We post a link to the podcast with liner notes every Thursday on

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