Nagoya is BUZZing

On any given Monday night at the NAGMAG office in Motoyama you are likely to run into all manner of people from around Nagoya that are doing something interesting. Musicians, business people, photographers, community leaders, artists – all come to sit behind the microphone at what has become Nagoya’s basement TV show, Nagoya Buzz.

Set inside what looks like someone’s bedroom and broadcast every week via the facebook page Nagoya Buzz, the podcast / live stream show began in 2011 as a weekly gathering of the NAGMAG crew who would sit around a lone microphone and ramble on about almost anything that came to mind for an hour.

Hosted by everyone from Daniel Speight, Daniel Ostrander, Carter Witt, Rangi McCall, Mark Guthrie and Adam Miller, the podcast continued until 2014 when it took a hiatus. The crew took two years to regroup and find a fresh approach to what had started to become a repetitive hour of radio.

Then in 2016 Daniel Ostrander took over the show as host and started booking a slew of local guests who brought energy and new perspectives to the gig. But looming over the whole enterprise was a disappointing sound system, something musical guests wanted improved.

Soon after the new podcast was back recording regularly, the decision was made to try live streaming, something that had just become a viable proposition when facebook opened up their platform. The first few live streams were plagued with technical difficulties and sound issues but it was clear that the show was gaining viewers and more and more guests expressed interest in appearing on the show.

Then David Dycus stepped in and helped the crew resolve the sound issues, giving Nagoya Buzz the ability to mic instruments and vocalists which have since delivered some truly great musical performances.

The newfound prowess in sound enabled the crew to take the show on the road in front of a live audience at G.C. Live where viewers were treated to an excellent performance by Coindrop 62, the musicians of Jukebox Paradise – a play by Brian Cullen. The live show was such a success that this year you can expect to see Nagoya Buzz Live at a variety of locations around town.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch Nagoya Buzz you can view the podcast live on the Nagoya Buzz facebook page every Monday at 6pm.

The new season begins January 16th.

This month’s schedule:

January 16:
Rafael Dantas of Club Sango and musical guest Tom Fallon

January 23:
Stephen Carter of High Tech Information Center and musical guest J!n

January 30:

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