Nagoya Election special

The race to see who will become mayor of Nagoya has been thrown into turmoil today as one of the front-runners has been caught on tape seemingly discussing how he abuses his celebrity status to force himself upon unsuspecting women.

This morning has seen the release of a recording on which Danno Bakakami, the candidate for the right-leaning Liberal Republican Party, talks about grabbing women by the genitals without permission.

However Bakakami, who looks like a ball bag with a mangy cat for a wig, denies that he is discussing sexual assault with talk show host Naoki Noda, brother of former Prime Minister Yoshihko Noda, in the tapes.

“This is just ludicrous,” Bakakami tweeted. “All I am talking about is going to a supermarket to get fruit.

“You can clearly hear me say,” he continued, “that I go up to a girl in the produce department and grab her mango. With a ‘G’!”

He went on to blame the furore on his political rival Hinata Ijiwaruionna, whom with one breath he accuses of being able to mastermind a media conspiracy of phenomenal proportions, yet criticizes for being unable to control her husband’s libido with the next.

This is not the first controversy to attach itself to the polemical politician. He began his campaign on an anti-foreigner stance, making claims that, if elected Mayor, he would build a wall around The Hub Pubs, claiming that “the gaijin will pay for it,” thoughts echoed by his intellectually sub-normal rabid supporters.

In other instances Bakakami has intoned that he finds his young daughter sexually attractive and, upon seeing a 10 year old girl, exclaimed that he would be dating her in ten years, statements that have raised eyebrows in the western media, but are seen as being very normal here in Japan.

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